Saturday, November 7, 2009

For the record...

...we did not have IVF.

For some reason, whenever people think about Lesbians having babies, they first think about IVF. I suppose it's not totally a mystery. Whenever you hear about infertility problems and the octuplets that result, it's usually from IVF therapy (though Jon and Kate plus 8 was just IUI plus Clomid). However, we do not have any infertility problems. In fact, our health insurance did not cover any of the doctor visits for our inseminations because we do not have a medical diagnosis of infertility (though I would argue that Jen and I are an infertile couple because we can have sex as much as we want and never get pregnant). ;)

Anyway, after Jen and I got pregnant we often heard "Oh well, you have a higher chance of having twins..." Um, no. We have the same chance of having twins as any heterosexual couple without fertility issues does. We used artifical (or alternative) insemination, AKA IUI. They just got the spermies where they needed to go. No fertility meds, no implanting of eggs, just getting the spermies up where they need to be to make babies happen.

The questions people are afraid to ask:
Yes, we used an anonymous donor from a sperm bank.
We chose someone with similar heritage to Jen (who is Italian/Irish; we were specifically looking at people with Italian heritage and ended up with someone with Italian and Polish ancestry).
I will get pregnant with all the kids; Jen loves being a mom but doesn't have any interest in being pregnant.
Nate will call me Mommy and Jen Mom (or Momma).