Monday, March 29, 2010

In my dreams I blog every day.

It always seems like I write brilliant blog entries in my head when I'm falling asleep. And then I promptly forget them in the morning.

I had a great idea for one and it was all nicely written in my head about a week ago and I have NO clue what it was I was going to write about.

Well, Nate has his first allergist appointment on Friday, poor kid. Hopefully they won't poke him too much. We think he may have had reactions to hummus (so chick peas or sesame) and sunflower seads maybe ... or else now any little red spot seems like a reaction but could just be some sensative skin. The allergist we're going to see literally wrote the book on peanut allergies, so I guess he'll be good. He was recommended to me both by Nate's pediatrician and also by a friend of mine at church who is a nurse. I'll trust what he tells us.

I'm having two friends and their babies over for a play date and brunch in a couple of weeks. One is a friend from my old job who has a 9-10 month old. The other is a friend from my current job who has a 3 month old. :) Our kids will likely not really play together at all. But it'll be fun. I'm hoping for nice weather so that we can hang out outside a bit. Plus I get to show off our new house, which is looking great! For our first "big" project (besides sucking up water in the basement like everyone else in the Boston area right now), we're picking a paint color for the dining room. We even got samples and painted some squares of paint in there to choose from. The big change will be changing the stained-wood trim to white.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Really? I'm THAT person?

When I was in college and I heard someone say "I wish I was back in high school" or something like that, I thought they were nuts. High school was nuts. So emotional! Everything was a huge deal and likely to be the end of the world. My Freshman and Sophomore years were fine and relatively uneventful. First kisses, first boyfriends, etc. Junior year stunk for me. Lots of pressure, some seasonal affective disorder (AKA depression), some drama with boyfriends and friends. Senior year was great.

So I got to college and never thought I would ever think "man I wish I could go back to high school."

Lately, however, I find myself wishing I could go back to some parts of it. Being an adult is hard sometimes! Selling houses, buying houses, finances, jobs, spouses, kids. They're all great but sometimes they're so complicated! Don't get me wrong, I love my new house, our finances are fine, I love my job, I love my wife and my son but that doesn't mean that sometimes life isn't hard. In high school the things that seemed so intense and serious were really not. I don't want to go back to high school with that high school brain. It might be fun to go back to the innocence of high school but with my adult mentality.

So I guess I've turned into the person saying "I wish I could go back to high school" with caveats. And it took 13 years.

I hope Nate's high school experience isn't quite as dramatic. I was having some blood drawn last week and the women drawing my blood were chuckling because one of their daughters (16 years old) had just broken up with a boyfriend and was crying and wouldn't eat and had to be picked up by her mom early from school because she couldn't be around him. Sounded familiar. But if Nate's high school years are as dramatic, I will do my best not to say stupid things like "but these are the best days of your life" and to be understanding and to remind him that everyone goes through high school and makes it out in the end.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who needs sleep anyway?

Funny how my intentions in the morning when I wake up and I'm feeling exausted to go to bed early at night turn into sitting on the couch with my laptop watching DVRed shows and futzing on facebook and doing work and folding laundry and unpacking boxes and rearranging the house .... the moment Nate was born ended the "catch up on weekends" time. I'll sleep when he goes to college.