Saturday, July 14, 2012

Um, no, it's not twins.

When people see a pregnant woman, sometimes they say silly thing. And their sense if personal space goes away. It's kind of funny. 

Thursday I was told I had a cute baby bump. This is acceptable. I am not going to complain if someone tells me I look great. 

Please don't tell me after I tell you my due date is in 4 months that I look huge and ask if I'm having twins. For one thing, I'm not huge. In November you may tell me I look huge because I probably will be. 

Also don't tell me i don't look pregnant, even if I'm 6 weeks pregnant and don't. I probably think I do.  

If you're sitting on the T and I'm standing, by all means offer me your seat. I may not take it, but I appreciate your offer. Don't start up a conversation with me, a perfect stranger, about my due date and how I look great (I know, I JUST told our that's fine....if you know me...if you don't, how do you know how I look compared to normal) and continue to sit and not offer me your seat.

And if you don't know the person who is pregnant, you probably shouldn't just grab her belly. It may stick out further than normal but that doesn't mean you can touch it without asking.