Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And we're back!

Yeah, it's been a little while.

But we finally had our re-enrollment appointment. We didn't really learn too much new; a couple minor things have changed and we no longer have to find a donor that is CMV negative (see previous post for why that was an issue) but otherwise we're all cleared and ready to go. We have our list of donors and we basically just have to decide how many vials of sperm to buy at a time (we have previously done 3 at a time) and call them up and order.

Super exciting new news is that my health insurance now will cover the IUI appointments (that's $250!). Google had a chat with all the health insurance providers and Cigna HMO will now cover IUIs for women in same sex relationships. So that is $250 less per attempt out of our pockets.

So, probably we'll go for try numero uno in July unless we're on vacation when I ovulate. We decided not to try and rush things. Especially since I'm likely ovulating like tomorrow and the re-enrollment appointments were yesterday.

It was amusing looking through all the donors' long profiles. Essentially they're all the same. Mostly in their early 20s when they donated (23 seemed to be the popular age) and grad students in the Boston area. There was one guy born in '57 and one who was 19 (I think he may have been the triplet). Mostly it came down to family health history and feelings. Both of us said, "I just don't like him" once or twice. We have a list of our top 6 so hopefully of those 6 one will have some IUI vials available. I guess I'll have to give the sperm bank a call soon. :)

That is a piece of macaroni in his hair.