Friday, May 7, 2010


I got into a car accident this evening. Not so much fun. Don't recommend it.

It wasn't my fault -- it was one of those times where you see something coming and know you can't do anything to avoid it. I slammed on the brakes and closed my eyes.

I was heading north in the right-turn lane passing by an entrance to a parking lot. I suddenly saw a car that had been on the southbound side (I'm getting my insurance terminology down) turn left into the parking lot RIGHT in front of me. I didn't have enough time to do anything but, as I said, slam on my brakes and close my eyes.

Yes, Nate was in the car with me. He is fine (all people involved are fine). The only thing I remember thinking was whether my airbags were going to go off. They did not. Neither did the other woman's. So I guess the accident wasn't that bad.

My front is a little squished. I hit her passenger side and her driver side rear tire blew. Both cars were technically drivable (except for the blown tire). And everyone seems fine. I'm a little sore, so I took some Ibuprofen. We'll keep an eye on both me and Nate to make sure we don't have whiplash, but we hit pretty much head-on, the other woman is the one that got hit sideways. It's more the hassle of getting the car fixed at this point. Luckily I walk to the train each day.

Shook me up though. Literally I was shaking afterwards as I tried to dial 9-1-1. And then after we had gone grocery shopping (yeah, I continued on to the grocery store -- I got things to do, people!) and gotten home and Nate was in bed and fast asleep, I suddenly freaked out and rushed upstairs to make sure he was okay. He was fine, of course. Just a minor little bit of anxiety.

Part of me is kind of hoping that the car is declared "totaled." Wouldn't mind a new car. :)

Here's your bit of cuteness. This is what happens when you start introducing a non-sippy cup at meals.