Sunday, September 13, 2009

"What your baby may be doing"*

"By eleven months, your baby...

...should be able to:
  • get into a sitting position from stomach ... check
  • pick up tiny object with any part of thumb and finger ... check
  • understand "no" (but not always obey it) ... check and check
...will probably be able to:
  • play patty-cake (clap hands) or wave bye-bye ... check
  • walk holding on to furniture (cruise) ... check
  • point or gesture to something to get needs met ... check
...may possibly be able to:
  • pick up a tiny object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger ... I think check
  • stand alone momentarily ... check, but then when he figures it out, he sits back down again
  • say "dada" or "mama" discriminately ... no check
  • say one word other than "mama" or "dada" ... no check
...may even be able to:
  • stand alone well ... no check
  • indicate wants in way other than crying ... like what?
  • "play ball" (roll ball back to you) ... check
  • drink from a cup independently ... check, if it counts that he's in the tub and drinking bathwater :) He's very good at it.
  • use immature jargoning (gibberish that sounds as if baby is talking a made-up foreign language) ... check - he babbles a lot, just not words that we understand
  • say three or more words other than "mama" or "dada" ... no check
  • respond to a one-step command without gestures ... check, sometimes anyway
  • walk well ... no check
*from What to Expect the First Year

If breastfeeding problems aren't enough, there are plenty of checklists that you can use to make yourself worry about your kid. :)

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