Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And now .... we wait.

Insemination day! Yay! Now we wait ...

I'm glad we're going on vacation next week so that I can't get too crazy trying to analyze every feeling I have to try to figure out if it means I'm pregnant or not. However, as much as I tell myself that I am not going to obsess over it and that I'm not going to do a pregnancy test until two weeks from today, I am sure I'll have myself convinced by the end of the trip. That's exactly what happened the first try when we tried the second time. We went to Chicago for thanksgiving about the same amount of time afterwards and by the end I was convinced I was pregnant. :) But I wasn't. Hopefully if I am convinced I'm pregnant by the end of the trip I will actually be pregnant.

So don't expect much before two weeks is up. :)

In case you didn't already see it on Facebook, our own possible submission to Shit My Kids Ruined.

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