Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Unc Duh!

Nate loves his Uncle Doug. When Doug was here, he wanted nothing to do with poor Grandma as long as Uncle Doug was around. It doesn't hurt that Uncle Doug gave him a Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train set.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving with my mom and Doug staying with us for about 4-5 days and spending Thanksgiving day at Jen's parents' house. We always have a good time all together.

Nate has been fighting his nap lately and didn't take one on Thanksgiving (though of course, we were going over for dinner when he normally would have napped anyway). He did very well at Nana and Papa's house and waited until we were back at home for his major tired meltdown. :) I enjoyed waking up with Nate and Jen for 5 mornings in a row (Nate comes into our room when he wakes up). Jen and I don't have any days off together normally, so if I'm not going off to work, she is in the morning. It's always nice to wake up together without an alarm clock.

Nate seems to be back into taking his naps lately, which is good. He needs them. He's done three in a row now. :)

Here's a monkey on Thanksgiving.

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