Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm shy. Why are you laughing?

You may have seen an article posted on social media in the last couple of weeks entitled 23 Signs You're Secretly and Introvert. A lot of people were commenting with things like, "yup, totally describes me to a T," "all 23 are spot on," etc.  Since I was in elementary school I probably would have described myself as shy or introverted, and it was no surprise in 8th grade when we did the Myers-Briggs test that I was an "I." (I don't remember what the rest was then.)

However, as time as gone on I've gotten more comfortable being more extroverted about some things and I imagine people at work would not use "shy" or "introverted" as one of the first adjectives to describe me. I still expected that, like many of my Facebook friends, I, too, would be recognizing myself in all of the "secret" signs I was an introvert.

Well then color me surprised. I only agreed with about half of the statements. I shouldn't have been so surprised. Last April I took part in a workshop at work that ended with all of us standing in one long line with blindfolds on. The facilitator read statements and we were supposed to step either right or left depending on whether we agreed with the statements or not.  At the end it was revealed that the different directions corresponded to either introvert or extrovert.  I was a lot closer to the center (on the introvert side) than I might have expected.

So I'm not necessarily secretly an extrovert, but I guess I should probably stop considering myself to be as shy and introverted as I used to.

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