Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready ... set ... go!

Nate's running now. I noticed today that he was running around the house. He's gone from falling every two steps to running in 3 months. And climbing on the kitchen table.

We're moving on Monday, so our belongings are mostly packed except for the things we needed. There are some parts of the house we would have had to baby-proof that Nate started to get into -- like the knife drawer -- but we're moving. So we just moved the knives on the counter top instead.

We've been living in such a state of limbo since we put the house on the market in August. We could never fully baby-proof and just put things away because we were trying to make the house look nice for showings. So the pictures and candles and little knick-knacks in Nate's reach were just put up out of his reach until showings when we would rush around the house "un-baby-proofing." I wonder how many showings we had where we had forgotten to set some things out properly.

The woman who ended up buying our house saw it on the day after Christmas when there were giant boxes outside from Nate's new slide-castle-thing, I hadn't had a chance to clean the kitchen floor, and the house just wasn't as "showing ready" as it normally was. Didn't seem to matter. :)

It will be nice to move into a house and get it set up and Nate-safe from the beginning. He will still be able to find ways to get into trouble (two staircases, two brick fireplaces/chimneys to fall into, a basement ...) but at least there are regular knobs on the doors outside, not lever-style ones that he can open so -- at least until he learns to open the new ones -- we won't find him in the backyard when we forget to lock the door.

I'm very much looking forward to the new house. I don't really feel any sadness about leaving this one. It was awesome while we were here, but now it's time for something new and more suited to our family. Yay! I am very much looking forward to decorating and filling the house in with the things that we need. :) SO MUCH FUN! Woo hoo!

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  1. Hooray, moving day!!! So excited for you guys. As usual we will be following in your footsteps soon so wish us luck!