Friday, April 30, 2010

La dee da

I know I promised more frequent blog posts due to this whole transparency thing, but our re-enrollment appointment isn't until June 15th so I have no news to share!

Which is fine since I was hoping to have the next kid be 2 1/2-3 years younger than Nate. Only thing is that we'll probably have to rush a little with the first one since I'll ovulate the week right after our appointment. Not bad rushing, necessarily, we'll just have to order the spermies quickly and get them to the clinic right away. Then if that insemination doesn't stick, we won't be able to try until after our vacation to Maine in July since the week we're up there is the week I'll ovulate (yes, I know when I'll ovulate! I'm REALLY regular).

I've gone way anticipatory and already plugged potential conception days into the pregnancy calculator to see what possible due dates might be, haha. If we got pregnant in June the due date would be around March 16th. If we were able to inseminate in July (which we won't because we'll be on vacation) the due date would be April 12 (which is my brother's birthday, so maybe it's best) and if we were to get pregnant in August the due date would be around May 8.

Yes, I know. I'm getting WAAAAYYY ahead of myself. That's what I do. And now you all get to share it with me instead of just Jen. Lucky you!

Also, we've started our own bit of superstition. See, the first time we got pregnant, we happened to buy a new car the day we inseminated (which was our fourth attempt after a month off following 3 attempts in a row). The second time we got pregnant, we happened to inseminate the same day we got our dog, Ella (our second attempt after a month off following the first attempt). So what large purchase/addition to the family are we going to do this time? We already bought a new house; totally not getting another new house by June or August. I suppose we could replace one of the cars, but we're not really thinking about doing that in the near future (maybe another couple years -- or sooner if my friend Shell wants to buy Jen's car). We're already getting a kitten in the next 4 or 5 weeks. I suppose we could get yet another (we were thinking about two kittens anyway). :D Or we won't do anything and we'll get pregnant anyway...

Also both times we got pregnant was after taking a month off between inseminations. So now I'm setting us up to not get pregnant until August (because we'll have that month off), and on the same day we buy something big and/or new. We're like baseball players who have to wear the same socks and do an elaborate ritual of spitting, tapping shoes and tugging on their hat rim before they go up to bat.

But I hope instead we'll get pregnant right away.

And I think I want it to be a boy. Or a girl. :) Though I still think I want another boy. Then I guess we'll have to have a third kid to have the girl. And her older brothers can beat up any boys that look at her so that she won't get pregnant. Because girls get pregnant when boys look at them.

Legos upstairs are a bad idea.

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  1. Yes but look at all the learning that takes place when you drop legos down stairs. Gravity, doggie taking off with toys when I drop them, cause and effect, etc!;)