Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's a little too soon for that!

I'm sitting next to Nate on the couch. He is watching an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine on our iPad. It is pretty funny that for months (basically since we got it), Nate has known how to open and turn on the iPad and to select the Apps that he wants to play with (mostly the "This is the sound a ---- makes"-type apps). I didn't even have a cell phone until I was 23.

Nate also sits next to me when I'm on my computer and makes me look up pictures on Google Image Search. He likes trains best, though it started with butterflies because I have a butterfly theme on my instance of Chrome. He's used to playing with my touchscreen phone and the iPad though and tries to touch the monitor to get the pictures to become larger. Doesn't quite work the way he expects. :)

We got a package of clothes in the mail today from my mom. They are hand-me-downs from her neighbor. Mostly they were perfect 2T or 24-month size which fit him right now. There were a lot of pairs of sweatpants and some plaid pajama bottoms. There was also a pair of slippers which he is wearing tonight and he seems to like them. And there was a long-sleeved t-shirt that said "Big Brother." Well, that one can go into his closet for a little while still.

We did take this month off from inseminations. It's been very nice not obsessing over whether I'm pregnant or not. I'm tempted to take another month off. It's also been nice to remember what the normal PMS symptoms that I have are ... I just reached over to help Nate with the iPad and he had managed to get to the CBS sports website ... already obsessed with his sports scores?

So, I'm tempted to take another month off, but we'll see. :)

Here's Nate next to me right now.


  1. I will have to remember to save some clothes for Nate! That is amazing that an almost 2yr old can use an Ipad!

  2. Thanks, Danette! We're always happy for hand-me-downs!