Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I jinxed it!

No, I didn't really jinx anything. :) There was nothing I could have done today to make myself pregnant or not; that would have happened weeks ago.

Not pregnant!

I think we'll take a month off from trying.


  1. Right there with you... hopefully our uterii will get with the program soon!!! ;)

  2. I'm sure you're a little disappointed but take your time. I'll happen. Maybe we'll both get pregnant at the same time!!!

  3. Yeah, hey, I've gone through this twice before. Eventually it'll stick. :) I think we will take the next month off. Also we have to get some more spermies and we'll have to save up a little for that since I don't think we have enough in our Medical FSA to cover all of it (maybe half). The money thing is one reason why I wanted it to happen quickly. Sure our insurance covers the office visit, but that's less than half the cost of the sperm, so it would be better if it covered sperm.