Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's a date! ... Probably ... maybe ... well, we'll see.

I am now about 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. 40 weeks is what they use to determine due date but 37 is considered full term (when the baby is developed enough to be unlikely to need any intensive care post-birth) but it's not unusual to go past your due date by a week or even more.

So we're in a sort of limbo period.

I had a punch list of things I wanted to get done once on leave:
  • go through old baby stuff in the basement and replace anything that was old (or missing) and set up the cradle in our room
  • clean out the baby's room closet (which had become a storage closet)
  • sort through and organize Nate's toys to get rid of gross or broken toys
  • set up the play yard (AKA Pack 'n Play) somewhere downstairs to be a downstairs changing table and napping area
  • get Nate a new dresser so we can convert his dresser back into a changing table
  • winterize the back yard 
We have all but the last 2 and the dresser is coming tomorrow.  So then the baby can come and we'll be all set for him.  

Of course, we are also pushing our luck a bit by having scheduled a couple nights in or out coming up.  This Saturday we're having friends over for dinner.  They were supposed to come at the end of September, but that's when I found myself in the hospital for a night and then home but on bed rest for 5 days, so we rescheduled. Then on Nov. 3rd we're going over to other friends for our annual "Friendsgiving" dinner. :)

So the baby can come anytime after Nov. 4th.

Because I don't know if he's coming tomorrow or in 4 weeks, I'm hesitant to buy any more maternity clothing, even though I'm down to 4 longer-sleeved maternity tops and one has a big stain on it.  I can't even really wear my short-sleeved tops with a sweater because they're all now too short!

But really, of course, he can come any time and we're all set.  You don't need much for the first couple weeks of babies and we have all that and more.  So bring it on, baby!

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