Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ugh, I might just throw up on you right now.

By now you may have heard (especially if you've been pregnant or had a spouse that was pregnant) that "morning" sickness is a misnomer and that icky queasy feeling can hit at any time of the day.  The severity can vary greatly from women who never feel sick at all to those who have to be hospitalized to get IV fluids because they can't keep anything down.  I feel very lucky I'm somewhere in between.

I have not yet had to vomit.  Through either of my previous pregnancies.  Sometimes I wonder if I'd feel better if I did though.  I am generally totally fine in the morning.  I might be a little hungrier than normal when I wake up, but I grab a banana before I go to work and have a bigger breakfast at work. And I'm usually totally fine after that.  It's after lunch that I don't usually feel so hot.  Queasy. ALL AFTERNOON.  Actually, the last few days I've been okay in the afternoon but then feel really queasy after dinner.

I just asked a friend at work who I knew had vomited a bit while in her first trimester if it made her feel better. She said it did but then she had a really narrow window in which to eat something immediately afterwards. She got a little reprieve for a short period of time.

I just felt really sick.  I was thinking about heading up to bed (because in the morning I'll feel fine) but then I was also a little hungry and decided to make scrambled eggs.  They were delicious. And now I feel better.

I think I feel a little sicker this time around.  Should we do a pool for whether people think it's a girl or a boy before we get the big ultrasound when we'll find out?  The old wives' tale is that if your symptoms are the same, you'll have the same as the last one, if they're different, it's the opposite sex. Now, I've heard stories disproving that, but so far I'm a little sicker.  Supposedly if you're real sick it's more likely to be a girl.  Again, old wives' tale.  We're going with it's a girl because I'm feeling a little sicker. :)

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  1. My wife had good luck with the B6 pops (B-Natal specifically) for relieving pregnancy-related nausea.