Monday, April 2, 2012

I have a confession to make...

I'm pregnant!

I know, I know! About two years ago I promised transparency around our IUIs and everything. But we did 6 cycles over 8 months and it didn't work. And you know what? It was kind of annoying. :) Sorry, but it was! If I didn't blog about whether I got my period or not, I got IMs and Facebook messages asking if I was pregnant yet.

So we decided late last summer to give it one last go and I found a doctor close to us and we did 2 unsuccessful cycles using the same donor we used when we tried almost 2 years ago. The doctor was telling us maybe it was time to start thinking about other ways (besides IUI) of getting pregnant but I didn't really feel like going through IVF and we knew there are a lot of children out there who need families.

We were ready to go the adoption route and had even called DCF in Massachusetts to get on the list and get the ball rolling to adopt an older child but then decided to switch to a new donor and give it just one last try.

And what do you know? It worked! So now I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I know, I broke the 12-week rule.  But like I said in that original transparency post, we waited till 12 weeks and had a miscarriage at 17 1/2 weeks with our first pregnancy, so why bother waiting? I'm excited and impatient and so I want to tell everyone!

Plus, I'm having so many fun 1st trimester pregnancy symptoms that I thought it might be fun for some people to hear about it while it's going on instead of the "well when I was in my first trimester I ... blah blah blah" from someone 20 weeks pregnant.  I'll share some of those another time.  To tide you over until then, I give you:

The Top Ten Signs that Lauren is Pregnant

Her sweet tooth has totally disappeared.
She constantly says “I’m starving!” 
She makes scrambled eggs at 9pm. 
She goes to the bathroom every hour.
She eats cheese and hummus for snacks instead of yogurt raisins or MMs. 
She starts browsing maternity clothes websites constantly. 
She starts eating a ton of watermelon.
She says “no” to a glass of wine.
She cries at commercials and at E.T. even when she’s just listening to it from the kitchen as it plays in the family room.
She tells you.

It's a baby ... something ....